Documents and guidance

The documents below provide advice on how to submit an application to the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and the type of evidence required to demonstrate compliance. Please ensure you have read the relevant guidance documents fully before starting your BSL application.

Document Name Description Date of Publication Version Number 
Supplier Type Overview This gives definitions of the different BSL supplier types and should be read first before applying to the BSL.  10.10.2016 1.0
Self-Supplier Factsheet This gives further clarification on the difference between a Self-Supplier and a Producer-Trader.  23.09.2015 1.2
Applications and Audit Guidance This gives an overview of the application process that suppliers will need to complete to register on the BSL and the audit process following authorisation. This should be read thoroughly before any new application is started. 29.12.2016 1.7

Land Criteria Guidance

This gives more detail about the land criteria element of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) requirements. This should be read by all Producers, Traders and Producer-Traders. Self-Suppliers do not have to provide land criteria evidence. 22.06.2017 1.2
Land Criteria Evidence This gives more detail about the evidence required to demonstrate compliance with the land criteria element of the RHI requirements. This should be read by all Producers, Traders and Producer-Traders. Self-Suppliers do not have to provide land criteria evidence. 11.09.2015 1.1
UK Risk Based Regional Assessment (RBRA) template This template can be used to demonstrate compliance with the land criteria element of the RHI requirements. It should be completed by those suppliers who source 100% of their raw materials from within the UK but are not Category A compliant or do not have a valid Felling Licence and Management Plan covering 100% of their raw materials. 28.07.2015 1.2
Mass Balance and Bespoke RBRA Guidance This gives more detail about the bespoke RBRA process for those suppliers sourcing their raw materials from outside of the UK and not covered by Category A land criteria evidence. 09.04.2015 1.0
Mass Balance Template This template should be completed and submitted alongside the bespoke RBRA document.  10.10.2016 1.0
BSL Supplier Q&A  This gives answers to some of the more frequently asked questions by suppliers about the BSL scheme. 29.12.2016 2.1
RHI Participant Q&A  This gives answers to some of the more frequently asked questions by RHI participants about the BSL scheme. 10.10.2016 1.7
Branding Guidelines This explains how the BSL Mark and BSL Authorised Mark should be used.  02.04.2015 1.1
BSL Advisory Panel members Final list of BSL Advisory Panel members  30.08.2017 1.5

 BSL Advisory Panel Full Terms of Reference

BSL Advisory Panel meeting







 Decisions and Actions reports









Final BSL charges and consultation feedback report This sets out the BSL fees that will be applicable from 1 January 2017 and contains feedback on the charging consultation.   18.11.2016  1.0

BSL charges - Questions and answers document

This gives answers to some of the frequently asked questions by suppliers and new applicants on the BSL fees.  3.01.2017 



Tonnage Fee Guidance Guidance for BSL suppliers on how tonnage fees are calculated   01.04.2017  1.0

External guidance documents

There are a number of documents that sit outside of the BSL that may be of interest to BSL suppliers.

Document Name Description Date of Publication 
UK Timber Standard for Heat and Electricity This sets out how the land criteria element will apply to those generating heat from woody biomass under the RHI. 10.02.2014
Woodfuel Advice Note This provides further guidance, particularly around the land criteria element for those producing heat from woodfuel. 22.12.2014
Risk Based Regional Assessment - A Checklist This gives more detail on the bespoke RBRA element of the land criteria requirement.  22.12.2014
UK Solid and Gaseous Biomass Carbon Calculator Guidance This details how to use the B2C2 calculator, which sits outside of the BSL application system. Whilst this guidance is developed predominately for use under the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme, it is still relevant for BSL suppliers looking to use the B2C2 to demonstrate their compliance with the RHI sustainability requirements.  January 2015


This section provides regular updates on changes to the BSL.


Following the recent communication regarding the concern about the usage of waste wood in biomass boilers and after listening to feedback from the industry, BSL will be releasing a new waste wood guidance document.

This guidance document has been created to provide clarification on:

  • What waste wood is
  • Waste wood classifications
  • Waste wood quality standards
  • Legislation around the legal usage of waste wood

The BSL advisory panel has discussed the issue and after careful consideration, they recommended that guidance is tightened to restrict waste wood of unknown provenance.

We aim to release this guidance document as soon as possible. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will make a final decision based on this recommendation and the actual release date will be announced soon.


A useful waste wood guidance document produced by the Environment Agency can be read here.


A BSL Advisory Panel has been set up to discuss and input into how the BSL is run and make recommendations to BEIS (formerly DECC). The first Panel meeting was held on 16 December 2016. 

A Decisions and Actions report on the meeting can be found here.


The final list of members of the BSL Advisory Panel has been finalised following the election, and the first meeting was held on 16 December 2016. The list of members can be found here.


From 1 January 2017, all BSL suppliers will have to pay fees to have authorised fuels on the Biomass Suppliers List. Further information on the charges, including how much and when the fees need to be paid is available to read here. You can also read the BSL Charges - Questions and answers document, which answers frequently asked questions about the fees and how much, and when, to pay. 


The BSL Advisory Panel election has opened. An email was issued to Master Admin Users for all suppliers on the BSL today with a voting form and details on how to vote attached. Voting closes on 22 November 2016. 


The new look BSL website has gone live! The next time you log into your supplier account, remember that you will be asked to change your password for data protection reasons. All your other information, such as BSL authorisation numbers, will not change. 

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